About us

What started out as passion for building sets in the film industry, where the intricate composition of lights & decor became a source of inspiration for Haim's conception later merged into a passion for beautifying homes. Just how a set is life force for every film, so too is interior design for every space. Ranging from a small studio apartments, office units, to grand houses, its designs are key to bringing life and animating the scenes to create beautiful and complete pictures. It is this passion trained with meticulous eyes that long to create an experience and deliver good and memorable service to our clients and interior designers of the world. 

Established recently as Graha Haim Internasional,  simplified as Haim Home Boutique located in the heart of Jakarta, Haim proudly holds a strong philosophy to offer uncompromised quality in luxury furniture, lighting, gifts, & accessories for the growing industry of Interior Design in all over the world. 

All our products are individually sourced and curated to meet very high standards of the fast-changing seasons of design, only exclusive to our Boutique. Our focus is on diversified craftsmanship and hand-made products in which both elements highlight the value of our collections where nothing is ever alike. This commitment to exceptional quality and bespoke design serve the base for our vision- to offer uncompromised quality in luxury home furnishing goods to beautify homes and accentuate its value. 


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We are always searching for exceptionally talented, highly professional and dedicated individuals to join the team. If you would like to work with us, please send your CV and a PDF Portfolio of your work to info@haimhome.com