Combining Red and Gold might be the stereotype of Christmas' warm color tones but this Art-deco inspired table setting inspired by Gatsby's glamor arranged for a client's house in Menteng adds incredible dimension and texture to its already glitzy interior. 

Cascading with vintage luxury, Haim uses Michael Aram's                as a centerpiece and golden                        as a complement to beckon in the glitz and glamor of the Great Gatsby Era. The two sides are stainless              , obtained from Aram's wheat collection filled with bouquets of red roses. 

Ocean Coral
Gooseberry bowl
steel vases
enchanted garden candleholders
votive candleholders.

Due to the residence's high ceiling equipped with Baccarat's crystal Zenith chandelier and Phillipe Stark's dining table, Haim sets the foundation with black crisp and leaf-patterned placemat and pure white linen napkins. To give a little color, the table is further garnished with Aram's brassy                                           and Baccarat's red 

Last but not least, Haim finalizes the elegance touch by placing white Calla Lilies on the red roses. 

With the look of bubbling champagne, this table setting is sure to take your glamorous dining room to the next level